12 May

[1812 Boutique Hostel] My Son Sanctuary Half Day

Tour Itinerary

Explore My Son Sanctuary

8.00 Depart from 1812 Boutique Hostel to My Son sanctuary which was once an imperial city during the Champa dynasty, between the 4th and the 8th centuries.

We travel about 50km to visit My Son sanctuary, visit the ruins towers of Cham people and learn about of architecture of Cham civilization. Spend about 1.5 hour to see a large complex of religious relics that comprises more than 65 architectural works. In 1999, UNESCO labeled the Cham architecture in My Son as a World Cultural Heritage Site. You will also have chance to enjoy the traditional Apsara dancing of Cham girls.

Drive back to 1812 Boutique Hostel and finish the tour in middle of the day.

This tour could combine a visit to the Vinahouse Space, a unique architectural complex featuring the Vietnam House’s architectures and hand-on experience of making craft and cooking..

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