15 Apr

[1812 Danang Hostel Info] Cau Ngu Festival

Fisherman and sunny beaches Cau Ngu or also called „Whale“ Festival is celebrated once in the year, mostly in areas next to the shore. The symbol of the whale is a protection for fisherman on the sea and the guarantee to have a profitable catch for the next season. In case a fisherman finds a stranded whale he has to take care of it, and even hold a funeral in case it dies. Danang is a melting pot and a parade example, that fishing and tourism can go hand in hand. Many foreign tourists are attracted to enlarge their horizon while getting entertained. So it´s not surprising that the Cau Ngu Festival got recognised as cultural heritage of Vietnam in the year 2016! Next to amazing seafood you will find multiple distraction in the shape of an entertaining show like „Ba Trao“ where they perform genuine local folk songs or traditional prayer rituals. Cau Ngu Festival is worth a visit if you are a „Foodie“ and generally interested in the Vietnamese culture, but in general Da Nang has a lot to offer for all kinds of interest!

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