6 Jan

Taxi and Transport Information in Da Nang

It’s always very confusing to choose the right taxi brand when you arrive at the airport or train station. Let us share more information about taxi and transport in Da Nang.

Taxi Recommendation
Taxi drivers always know how to rip off tourists; so knowing the right taxi brands will save you lots. Here are our recommended taxi brands in Da Nang that locals use as well as tourists for the quality of service and fair.
1. Mai Linh Taxi:
Tel number: + – Green Cars
2. Da Nang Taxi:
Tel. Number: + – White cars with I love Danang logo
3. VinaSun Taxi:
Tel. Number: +

Transports for day trips to Hue city or Hoi An
All the taxi brands offer day trip services to Hue city or Hoi An. The fair depends on different brand, but estimate 1,100,000VND to Hue City (8 hours tour – 4 hours driving to Hue and back to Da Nang – 4 hours waiting for you); 550,000VND to Hoi An (6 hour tour – 1.5 hours driving to Hoi An and back to Da Nang – 4 hours waiting for you).

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