30 Apr

[Travel Tips] Vegetarian Paradise – Da Nang scores in Diversity and Price

Especially if you are travelling it´s hard to come up with your usual habits at home, when it´s about food the Asian kitchen can be sometimes overwhelming flooded by different kinds of meat. But it doesn´t have to be like this. For enthusiasts that love the taste of fresh herbs and the crunch of vegetables guided by a rich and spicy sauce will find their “place to be” in Danang.

And as a vegeterian, Da Nang has something to offer you won´t find anywhere else in the world. The Vietnamese Crab Claw Herb (Peperomia pellucida) only grows in the Da Nang Area. The taste is similar to watercress with the positive effect of being a natural antibiotic!

To mention is the most popular dish “Mi Quang” in a vegetarian version. Normally Mi Quang is served with chicken or pork and shrimp paste, but at the Hy Lac Restaurant in 378 Phan Chu Trinh you will find your beloved ingredients in shape of vegetables and tofu.

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Here are the list of the best vegan restaurants in town:

1. Lien Hoa

Lien Hoa is a wheelchair freindly restaurant that has more than 120 vegetarian (but not vegan) dishes to offer. The best dishes are banh nam (rice flour and mushroom dumplings), vegetarian pho (made with vegetable broth, tofu, and seitan, instead of meat), and their selection of che cung dinh (sweet soup) desserts. There is an English menu, but there are only 20 dishes. The staff is friendly and helpful too.

Address: 49 Le Hong Phong, Da Nang, Vietnam,

Tel: +84 511 3565923

2. Hy Lac

Hy Lac is famous of their Mi Quang noodle, a type of rice noodle cooked with turmeric. The vegetarian Mi Quang noodle is served in a bowl with peanuts, crispy slices of fried tofu, vegetables, and lime juice.

Address: 378 Phan Chu Trinh, Q Hai Chau, Da Nang, Vietnam,

Tel: +84 90 5321023

3. Thuy

This restaurant serves all the popular dishes, but it is their Cao lau that really special. Cao Lau is a famous dish of Hoi An. The noodles dish is normally served with pork, but at Thuy, you can enjoy their Cao lau with fried tofu, red chilli, and bean sprouts.

Address: 122 Hoang Dieu, Da Nang, Vietnam,

Tel: +84 511 2217112

If you want to have more information, just ask our staff, and they will be pleased to help you out as best as they can.


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