6 May

[Travel tips] Watersport Paradise In Da Nang

hostel da nang

For those who are bored just crashing the beach and relaxing with cocktails and companion. There are several options, shifting your focus to the water and enjoy the bliss of a decent adrenaline rush.

Da Nang offers a surfing school with lessons to join, perfect for beginners to experienced surfer. The best time to surf is probably the winter at Nam O Point. Some are tended to say that Da Nang is the best spot in whole Vietnam when it´s about surfing!

Obligatory if you want to deserve the title of „Watersport Paradise“ is a banana boat and of course parasailing. Don´t miss that, and if it´s not on your bucket list yet. Write it down and feel the pleasure of scoring it out straight away.

Beside other rushing experiences like jet skiing and fishing there are options for more laid-back people like snorkeling  at the Peninsula Son Tra or Cu Lao Cham Island.

Had a long motorbike the day before and all muscle hurt? Or just tired of constantly changing the location and to tired to move? No worries, just join the shore excursion starting at the Tien Sa Port, lean back and chill out. 😀

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Banana Boat


Parasailing & Jetski





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