7 Sep

Tuy Loan Ancient Village

The village is over 500 years old and located about 15km south west of Danang’s city centre in Hoa Vanng District. The original village entrance reamains and is covered in moss, the communal house is built in the architecture of times long passed and sits under and ancient banyan tree. The paths winding their way though the village are lined with ride paddies on both sides. The old houses have witnessed time come and go and continue their watch cilently. Tuy Loan Market in the village centre has local products on offer including Cam Ne mats and hats, rice paper Mi Quang and Central Vietnam delicacy, dried fish wish an earthy taste.

Must see: Cam Ne Mat Village, Phong Nam ancient village, Phuoc Nhon hot stream resort in Hoa Vang district about 25 km from Danang.

When you are in Tuy Long, do not miss the chance to taste their famous rice paper and Mi Quang noodle.